optic nerve asia (manasoid)

Consultant, Artist, and traveler in Cambodia

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"Love is technology, projection is a part of it, utilize it."


Thank you so much for visiting my portal. I hope you're always very well.

I am an alchemist. My mission statement is to find innovative solutions for world issues by traveling around the world. In order to have great experience, making comprehensive experiments.

In terms of alchemy related to consulting, philosophy and artwork, please feel free to contact me anytime from below icons. Daily disclosure and updates can be seen on Tumblr (http://news.opticnerve.asia/).

I'd love to express my gratitude to you. I deeply appreciate that you read this message. Feeling grateful means entering a state of communicating with you through hyper secure connection, via strong protocol called "gratitude". All the best wishes for both of you, yourself and environment around you.

Many Gratitudes,


- Private/Personal/Lean Consulting

- Business Analysis and Consulting

- IT-Based Strategy and Strategic Planning


Conscious mind is a micro instance of macrocosmic communication system.

Subconscious mind is abstract layer that is a kind of cloud solution architecture of imitating the chaos, providing the interfaces of death experience.

Unconsciousness is the chaos that owns nothing, but has everything. This means nothing can be experienced within the chaos.


Usus est magister optimus. Lege, lege, lege, relege, ora, labora et invenies.

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